Spring brings a flurry of activity on the housing market and vendors looking to ensure their current house is in prime condition for sale.

If you’re also in this position it’s important to note that potential buyers will usually decide whether they want to buy your house within the first few minutes of walking through the door, so first impressions count! Below are some home staging notes to help you prepare your house for sale and achieve your asking price.


Buyers are often looking for more room so pack away anything that creates visual clutter such as ornaments, toys, or excess pieces of furniture to create a feeling of space and order.


Remove overly personal items such as family photographs, children’s drawings, souvenirs etc. Too many personal items on show make it difficult for a buyer to imagine their own possessions in the house.


Finish DIY projects

Unfinished DIY jobs could be used as a potential bargaining tool to negotiate a lower price. Most buyers will be looking to just move in, and will be reluctant to spend time or money completing your unfinished projects.

Redecorate where necessary

A neutrally decorated, well-presented house can add great value to your asking price. Invest in fresh paint to brighten up high traffic areas, or rooms which are currently painted in a vivid colour which may not be to a buyers taste!

Clean, clean and clean again

A sparkling, sweet-smelling home creates a good impression. Clean all bathrooms, the kitchen, polish windows, dust all surfaces, hoover the floors and make sure animal and cigarette odours are eradicated.

Define the space

If you have 3 bedrooms they must be presented as 3 bedrooms, not 2 bedrooms and a box room. If you have a lounge and a separate dining area they need to be presented as such rather than a lounge/kid’s playroom/ironing room for example.


Try to see your property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Take photographs of each room and then look at them objectively. It will become obvious what needs to change, whether it be de-cluttering or re-positioning furniture. During viewings turn the lights on and display vases of flowers, bowls of fresh fruit and scented candles.

Kerb Appeal

Ensure the exterior of the property looks well maintained and welcoming. Tidy the garden, mow the lawn, hide the dust bins, and add colour with plant pots or hanging baskets. Repaint the front door if necessary.

Hallways and Entrances


Allow potential viewers to literally ‘see’ themselves in the house by placing a mirror in the hallway. Tidy away all coats, shoes and bags to ensure it is clutter free.

Mentally move out

This is the most important thing you can do. You have decided to move on so do all you can to achieve a quick and profitable sale. Don’t worry if the presentation of your house is not to your taste as you’ll soon be moving on and can look forward to creating a space to suit you in your new home!

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