So summer has made its welcome arrival and we can finally bask in its warm restorative heat.

Unfortunately, on our temperate isle we cannot take this glorious weather for granted and so we must find ways of extending our days and warming our souls by alternative means. Summer evenings are special and are to be enjoyed to the full. This evening I was fortunate enough to spend the evening on Bournemouth beach with my children and friends. As time wore on and the sun went down behind the cliffs, the sky turned pink, dotted with white, wispy clouds and a beautiful moon, round and bright. What better way to light the night sky?

If you are entertaining at home though and the moon is in another phase you can illuminate your garden with all manner of clever lighting solutions. Take a look at  and her lovely range of outdoor lighting. I particularly like her Solar LED Light Strings, 460024-100, starting at £25.95 for 100 lights.  If you don’t have an external power supply they provide a pretty source of light which can be easily moved around the garden. They are efficient too as, following a sunny day, they will provide up to six hours of light into the night.

Alternatively, if you do have access to an outdoor socket take a look, and their Extendable Teardrop Festoon Lights, L-TEARSTART. Their starter kit is £45.00 for 20 lights which are strung along a simple black cable which, in their own words are “so beautiful that you’ll find you don’t need the excuse of a party to light up your home or garden.” Using energy saving LED bulbs, the strings are easy to connect and can light up any outdoor space.

The chances are that as the sun sets and temperatures cool you may feel a little chilly so to add warmth to your festivities also supply a stylish Iron Brazier, G-BRAZ, £95.00. Made of sand blasted iron it will add rustic style and provide a welcome heat to your gatherings.

If you love candle light place a couple of John Lewis’s Small Cut-Out Hurricane Lanterns in Gold 77210482, £25.00 around your garden. Inspired by traditional Moroccan designs they will imbue your outdoor space with Eastern glamour as the candle flickers through the pretty gold cut-outs.

But if the light of the night hangs in the summer sky, what better way to spend your evening than to dance by the light of the moon?

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