Residential Interior Design


Our initial 30 minute home staging consultation is free of charge. Contact me to book yours today.


Our range of Home Staging Services

1. Home Staging Consultation – 2 hours £100

Following our free initial 30 minute visit we will return to walk through all the outside spaces and rooms in your house noting the areas where we feel improvements could be made. After this visit we will provide a written report of recommendations for you to complete in your own time, together with copy of our guidance notes which will help you to prepare your property for sale.

2. Home Staging Consultation including written report – 2-3 hours £250

During our visit we will review all the outside spaces and rooms of your house by taking photos and detailed notes. We will then provide you with a full and frank written report with a room-by-room breakdown of recommendations prioritising the tasks which will help you maximise the impact for potential buyers. We can also put you in touch with professional tradespersons should any decorating or other work be required.

3. Full Home Staging Service – 1 day £300

Having already determined what changes need to be made, we will work room by room de-cluttering, re-arrange furniture where necessary and pack away any items that you won’t need until you move into your new home. This service would also be useful if your house has been on the market for a while but received little interest. If required, and with your permission, we can also arrange for tradespersons to attend to any re-decoration, deep cleaning or repairs to be done. Finally we can arrange for the estate agent to re-photograph and market/remarket the property for you.

*Full cost of any trade work plus 50% of our overall estimated fee up front (depending on number of required days), balance on completion.

We can also source packing materials and additional accessories and finishing touches which we provide at cost price.

The first step is to call Sonia for your free 30 minute consultation on

01202 874026 / 07899 805417.